Boots and chaps

On our site you will find boots and minichaps or half chaps. This way we help you with buying riding boots.

From the boots you will find the Ariat Boots, Montar Boots, Parlanti Boots, Ego 7 Boots and Deniro Boots.

In the Ariat collection you will find the Telluride H2O boots and the Terrain Zip Boots, what are great boots, water and dirt resistant, for your daily work in the stable.

The Parlantis are from the Parlanti Passion Line, made by Parlanti Boots Italy. You will find tall boots, the Parlanti Miami and the Parlanti Denver collection, but also jodhpurs, like the Parlanti K Komfy, that can be equipped with the Parlanti half chaps. To travel from one place to another and to protect your boots we have the Parlanti Boot Bag.

The Ego 7 Boots are the Aries Boots and the Orion Boots. We also have the minichaps from Ego 7.

The Montar boots are Jodhpurs that look very elegant.

Finaly Deniro are boots made on demand.