Acavallo jumpe alupro bit 790 A Acavallo

Acavallo jumpe alupro bit 790 A

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The Acavallo “Jumpe” AluPro Bit is made of a certified 100% anti fray twisted fiber called “Jumpe” and fitted with two anodised aluminium rings, which have a thickness of 7 mm.

The special aluminium alloy is lightweight, durable, avoids corrosion and guarantees for a long product life.

The “Jumpe” material is an anti-cut, non-fraying twisted fiber, highly resistant to UV rays, does not absorb water (water repellent) and is easy to clean.

In comparison to already known plastic or synthetic materials, the main benefit of “Jumpe”is that it is almost indestructible by biting or chewing of the horse which makes it extremely safe and mouth-friendly.

The weight of this new bit amounts to approx. 65 g. The outer diameter of its rings is 80 mm, a measure which proved to be highly comfortable for the horse in this configuration.

The Bit is especially recommended for horses that react extremely sensitive to metal or that don't like traditional rigid bits.

The “Jumpe” bit adapts perfectly to the mouth of any horse, increases comfort while minimizing friction compared to other metal or rubber alternatives. To avoid any risk of pinching and to additionally protect the mouth of your horse, we suggest to use Acavallo gel bit guards.

It is very easy to clean the bit. It can be washed under running water after each use.


It comes in black color. The size is 13.5 mm