Stübben Dressage Saddle Centurion II

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The Centurion II ushers in a new era of mono flap saddles:

With conventional monoflap saddles, as with the predecessor model Centurion I, it is not possible to individually adjust the exterior blocks to the rider. This problem does no longer exist. The completely redesigned blocks can be adjusted to the rider's desired position in just a few simple steps. The blocks can be adjusted to different people very easily, even with the rider in the saddle.

The clou:

Neither optics nor stability are negatively affected. Classic dressage can be perfectly combined with the modern dressage horse type. The Centurion II offers you enough space to find your own centre of gravity and equally supports you when your horse makes big, sweeping movements.

Close Contact redefined:

Being close to your horse has been redefined in this saddle. The wide seat in the area of the ischial tuberosities and the deep seat allows you to feel your horse's movement while giving you the chance to precisely giving aids. The mono flap molds around the ribcage when fastening and additionally reinforces the close contact to your horse. An additional reinforcement below the gullet plate prevents pressure points and improves the distribution of the rider's weight. The wide contact surface also offers the horse a high level of comfort and with the help of many different panel cuts, tree adjustments and much more, a custom solution can be found for almost every horse. The Centurion II offers many configuration possibilities in terms of both, custom fit and design.

Brand new:

For the first time, the gullet leather between the panels can be individualised. The Stübben styles and custom options make this saddle a beauty, second to none.

Saddles can't be returned or exchanged.

Delivery about 6 months, feel free to ask for more details.