The Top 5 Equestrian Products we Cannot live without!.

So everyone has their favourites, the things that we would sell a kidney rather than go without - Heres Mine ( And why!)

#5 A "Proper " pair of breeches.

Hands up , who has a wardrobe full of breeches but keep going back to the same pair or two?. Recent research with "normal" clothing shows that we wear 20% of our clothing 80%of the time and Ive a sneaking suspicion that the 20 % we do wear is the best that we can afford. In the world of ladies breeches,  not all breeches are created equal! There are a few suppliers out there that once you've ridden in , there really is no going back. So are they worth it ? Definitely. Breeches from these suppliers are a whole different ball game when it comes to riding. An they wash and they wear and they wash and they wear. In the current climate of caring for our world people are moving to capsule wardrobes and wearing them for longer. Ask your self how many pairs of "budget" breeches are sitting around your house.... and if you'd really leave a pair of say..Equiline breeches sitting unused in your wardrobe ! 

Take a look at our ladies Breeches Here !

#4 German String Lunging Aid

So every one stuggles in winter right?, The days are short , its dark before you know it, and keeping your horse fit in the short daylight hours is hard. Maybe some of you have the luxury of a walker but for the rest of us mere mortals, if there is not time to ride then a quick lunge is the next best thing. Only problem It takes so bloody long to get out the roller, the side reins , the training aids etc The german string solves all that, Literally pop your bridle and boots on and away you go!. Horse_world_german_string_lunging_aid

We have also been able to reduce the price on these to only €18.99 so they wont break the bank - You can order one here & thank us later!

#3 A super all round Vitamin and Mineral Supplement.

Many people feel that once they are feeding a horse hard feed they will have everything they need and for some horses and some feeds this is the case, however a lot of feeds only have "traces" of the minerals in them and not always in the right format. One of our Favourite Products is Global Herbs Global Vite. This LITERALLY turns horses inside out. Their eyes, their hair OMG they simply just GLEAM on this, Its got everything they need in a format they can easily absorb and its seriously cost effective Only €39.99 for 3 Months - Want to see more - Click Here


#2 - Stirrups that suit. 

While I hate to admit it, some days those knees are just not feeling as good as they once did. And while i was skeptical at first I did decide to give a different pair of stirrups a go. The first pair did nothing, and being honest felt worse but the second pair which had an offset angle for comfort did just the trick ! Not every type of stirrup is for everone so the most important thing is to find one that suits you. I found that the wider foot bed of the Lorenzini suited my needs perfectly while other people love their freejumps. These two brands also come with additional safety for peace of mind should the worse happen. Check out our range of stirrups here. 

#1 Keeping your Most important asset save

So what is your most important asset as a rider... or even as a human being? No its not that horse that needs bubble wrapping or that fabulous saddle you saved all year for. Its your head. Irreplaceable, sometimes irreparable and you cant go very far without it !! 

Ask your self 

- Is my hat less than 5 years old?

- Is it always kept in a safe place away from extremes of temperature?

- Are you 100% certain its had a fall - even onto hard ground or the floor ?

- Does it meet current standards as changed in 2016/2017?

- Are all straps secure, free from wear and tear ?


Unless you can answer yes to all of the above your hat MIGHT need changing. 

As adults because our heads have stopped growing we tend not to change hats as often as we should  - Children usually have better hats as they end up being changed with growth spurts. 

If your not sure - make sure - Check your hat today - and if you do need a new one ? Heres a link to our favourite. 




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